Also call us for your TV, Phone, Software, Hardware, Data Recovery, Networking and more.

  • Computer - Installation, Configuration, Fixing

    We can help set up your computer and configure it to your liking as well as fixing or troubleshoot any issues concerning it.

  • Computer Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting computer is another one of our geeks expertise, you name an issue and we will give you a quick solution.

  • New Computer Setup

    Our geeks will be able to provide insights and useful tips so that you know what set up will be best for you as well as assist you with setting up and readying your computer to your liking.

  • Data Backup, Restore, Recovery

    Our geeks will make sure you never lose your data by backing up and recovering your data at utmost proficiency.

  • Virus and Spyware Removal

    Virus and spyware can run a good system to its knees therefore eliminating becomes your top priority and we will be able to do just that so that you are able to maintain a clean and safe computer.

  • Anti-Virus Installation

    Our geeks are able to choose what Anti-Virus is best for your computer and provide it to you, not only that but we can also install and configure it for your convenience.

  • smartphone Device Setup

    Alongside computers, we can also set up, configure and help manage your smartphone devices and tablets.

  • Home Network WIFI set up

    We will be able to set up and optimize WIFI network in your homes so that you can seamlessly browse the internet throughout your house with no trouble at all.

  • Email Account Set up

    Our geeks can get you your own branded E-mail as well as E-mail accounts in any domains suited to your liking and secure it so that you can use it with a relief.

  • E-Commerce store development

    Need a commercial store online, we can provide you just that as we have geeks fitted with tools necessary to build you the perfect and convenient E-Commerce store with features to suit your needs.

  • Web Application Development

    Our geeks can also develop web based applications for just about anything to best suit the requirements on your website.

  • Managing business IT Systems

    Our geeks are vastly experienced and are able to maximize your resources in managing your business IT systems so that you excel at your business.

Brighten the Business

Geeks Sydney can be very reliable with business. That is also among the strong forte of our geeks.

Business Services

Keep the House safe

Services for homes is the core of us. Our interest has always been providing best efforts for homes.

Home Services
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What Our Customers Say

Love the new hardware upgrades by GS, and also thanks for the antivirus

Bernard 13 May, 2017

They didn't just fix only the issue I had told them about but also analyzed all issues my PC had

Lucy 30 Apr, 2017

Wow! these guys are so efficient in their job, they got the work done in much less time than I had expected.

Robert 27 Apr, 2017

My computer had a lot of lags and crashes, now my computer has become as good as new.

Mandy Linfield 17 Aug, 2017

Brilliant Service, I rang on a Sunday at 12pm, my Geek was at my house at 2pm. My Computer was fried, he took it away an Continue Reading....

Luke 28 Feb, 2017

I am delighted with the care and attention I received from Chris and was especially pleased to have the issues that conc Continue Reading....

Marianne O'Brien Neutral Bay 10 Jan, 2020

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