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About Us

Geeks Sydney was established in the early 2017 by the endeavor of few select talented individuals who aimed to rise as one of the top computer repair company in Australia. Initially starting out as just a repair company, Geeks Sydney has branched out to provide various services of different fields which has started to make the company truly dynamic.

With a mentality of taking every obstacle in our client’s tech life as a challenge, we dispatch our geeks with one mission in mind, provide flexibility and over the top services in the least amount of time possible for the optimal convenience of our customers.

We provide various services starting from repairs to hardware and software configuration & installation as well as development services. Our geeks are fitted with experience over various platforms and thus excel at providing what you need from a wide range of possibilities. For more information, head over to our “services” page.

We try to get each and every customer demands right and through a well-established communication system, for now this is done through our 1300 number which you can look up over our contacts page, but to outdo ourselves, we soon plan on implementing a call center which will be operated by our geeks 24/7 for optimally reaching out to all of our clients who seek our services.

We assure quality services for a number of key reasons as approved by our customers. To mention some of them:

  1. Our geeks are honest and hardworking.
  2. Our geeks are trained to suit customers every requirement and are all equipped with great communication skills.
  3. Customer relations have always been a top priority of Geeks Sydney and keeping that in mind, we have established a team specially for customer care services.
  4. We strive to give you what is best for you while also maintaining an affordable range of services.
  5. You are important to us; thus, we are always available for maintenance related to any of our previous services provided to you, remember our Geeks are just one call away!

Our company has had humble beginnings, but have always maintained a few sets of codes strictly to ensure we always deliver what we promise to.

Our mission: To provide exceptional services by pursuing business through creativity and innovation and build long term relationships with our trusted customers based on honesty.

Our Values: Our core values have always been honesty and integrity accompanied by experience and individuality.

Vision: To rise as one of the most satisfactory companies in Australia in terms of services and win the hearts of our customers by providing more than their expectation.

We also look for certain characteristics in individuals who join our company as geeks to make sure that they are able to perform as our clients expect them to. While computing skills are always counted as the main requirement of our wannabe geeks, we also prefer other handy skills to accompany such as friendliness, value of time, outstanding communication skills and moral fiber and most importantly, professionalism. Individuals who possess most or all of the required characteristics mentioned above are whole heatedly welcomed to our team of geeks with gratitude. As our clients are more important to us before all else, a strict and selective approach is taken by our recruiters when assembling new geeks to our squad.