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All customers are required to have a booking proof in the form of the booking number sent to them via the confirmation email sent by Geeks Sydney. Failure to do so shall turn the booking to be invalid and thus nullify our services and grants to the customers.


  • Only Service Charge with GST
  • Excludes all components & parts (if used)
  • Excludes any Transportation cost (if used)
  • Call-out Fee - Minimum 1 hour


All payments must be paid on the Geeks Platform and must NOT be given personally to any of Geeks Sydney’s employees or contractors. In any such event, Geeks Sydney will be considered “unpaid” for their services and will not be responsible if the customer has to pay the due amount once more. For further information regarding payments- Contact us. For payment details please check SMS, Email or in your Geeks Sydney profile.

Terms & Conditions

  • New hardware/products which will be purchased from us will come with product/hardware warranty from the date of the order has been placed and the duration of the warranty will state on the invoice but if not it will be treated as a product/hardware without any warranty.
  • After the initiation of any new projects for the clients, an evaluation shall take place to estimate the procedure in steps and their total fixed cost. Upon confirmation, 50% of the total project cost must be paid upfront as an advanced, the remaining 50% to be paid after the completion of the project.
  • If any problem arises after the delivery of any projects, we shall assess it immediately if it comes under the scope provided to the customer, in any such event, we shall address the issue within 2 to 3 days. But if the concerns do not meet the scope and fall under your responsibilities, then the client will be charged our normal hourly rates.
  • In case you fail to obtain any of your ordered goods from us (due to incomplete payment or any other reason) within the allocated time of a maximum of 30 days, we will either try to recover our cost of services by selling the said equipment or recycle it given that it’s not sellable.

For more, please visit Terms of Use page.